Right now I'm reading city of lost souls written by Cassandra Clare. To be honest, so far it's not as good as the previous books. In some parts I have to force myself to continue reading. It's so long too, 500-something pages.. But maybe it'll be better soon? Hope so! But the cover is at the top of awesomeness! We can see their faces! Wehoo!
What brings my annoyance up to the surface is that Jace always get in trouble. I mean WHY? It's so unfair! Because when he does things that isn't his fault (the ones of you who have read the book(s) might understand what I mean) he blames and punish himself TO MUCH. And that's breaking my heart. But I even get a bit annoyed at the same time. His behavior is kind of unnecessary actually. But I guess it's part of his personality.

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