i haven't been blogging because i haven't had anything to blog about..
anyway, i was thinking about interviewing my friends maybe like twice a month or something, because they are all so different, with different book- experiences. let's start with this babe!

interviewer (me obviously): how are you Carin?
Carin: im fine, how are you?
interviewer: im very down, wan't to hear about it?
Carin: naah... maybe after the interview. Unless you want to share your depression with the world.
interviewer: ok then. favourite author?
Carin: Jodi Picoults
interviewer: favourite book series?
Carin: Harry Potter
Interviewer: why do you like Jodi and the harry potter books so much? they are very different from each other.
Carin: very well-written, different from most books, amazing stories. they make you think and actually teach you things about yourself.

My Sister's Keeper


xoxo Lihini

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