I have in principle nothing intressant to blog about today just so you know.

Photoshop.. It's too smart for me!
Thinking about fixing the header. So I started PS. I have tried for -I don't know how long time- to cut a picture- change the size - change background and paste. It's a freaking mission in possible, I can tell you that much. Maybe I should look up some tutorial..
Anyways! Today I have cleaned my room, it practically looked like a pigsty earlier! But I also arranged my books in my bookshelf. Wieh! Pardon me for the lack of pixles, but took the picture with my cam. Me lazy? Yes.
And for the record...You guys should really go and make yourself a cup of tea and take a book and read it! Cuz, that's what i'm going to to now and enjoy the last time of my break from school.  
// Linnea 

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