Read this whole text, it's of highest import! 
where do i even begin?
let's begin with my thoughts.
when we sat in the salon i had no expectations. none. i did not really think they could pull it off, i thought the movie would be a bit cheesy, too much love. why then did i buy tickets to go and see the movie? the answer to that is easy. I still have that Twihard bone in me. and no matter what i thought about the previews films, im not backing down now. and man what a great decision that what.
this movie... i have no words to describe how PERFECT the movie was. everything, every little DETAIL, i fell in love with it all. the Characters were so well played, the fight scenes were great, the love scenes were great, EVERYTHING WAS JUST GREAT, and man did i not cry... i have read the books, but some of the scenes were new, and you WILL NOT be disappointed, i promise. but be prepared, something horrible will happen...
twilight made me take up a book after another. they made me read. they made me love it. but during these 4 ½ years i've been in touch with Twilight i've heard some horrible things about the saga, and sometimes i agreed with them. i started to forget all the good things about the books. but this movie opened my eyes one last time. Thank you Stephenie meyer, i owe you my life.

Niether had I, just like Lihini any expectations. I was even kind of pissed of because i had to see it, test the text morning and everything. But wow, I really made a huge mistake thinking so.
All this time with twilight, all nights up reading, all the depression while reading new moon. The emotions this books and movies have given me and so many other people all around the world, it's, i can't describe it!
One word that might satisfy the description of twilight is MAGIC.  That warm feeling in the belly mixed with some kind of worship and longing for the mystical, unknown. The urge to be in their situation even if it's terrible. The beauty of eternity and the fragile mortality. That's what Twilight is for me. That was the feeling I had yesterday while seeing the last movie, and i can tell you, it feels like forever since I had that feeling. It felt so good to feel that magical twilight feeling once more. And maybe it's the last time. I don't know if i'll ever have that feeling ever again. But I know one thing, everything has it's time and i'm grateful for my period with Twilight. Thank you.

Here is the soundtracks to the film. My personal favorite is A thousand years with Christina Perri. It was so perfect, the lyrics and all. Cried when they played it.
Various Artists – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2
I have now one last thing to say to you. Put away all of your doubts and see the movie. Because if the movie brought back my love it can bring back yours.
xoxo Lihini & Linnea

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