someone give me foooood haha

aaah, i live 1 hour away from my school, and when i woke up the other day i did not feel so well, but i went to school anyway. and then when i came to to school i decided to take a trip to the nursery room to get some tablet's for my awful headache, but of course, she did not have her license yet to give me any tablet's.. so i went to my Spanish class, and like 30 minutes in the class i felt like my head was going to collapse, and im pretty sure i fell asleep during some point to, so i wen't home. that's right, 2 hour on the train just for nothing.. when i came home i watched TV and read the book im currently reading 'Matched' and let's be honest, i do not like the book very much. i do not know why, but the book is just so.. grey and dull somehow.. when i read i wan't to read about great views, and color's and so on, but this was just so very.. grey, and even the characters seemed lifeless somehow, I think the author is concentrating a bit too much on the main character that she somehow forget's about the surrounding..
and today is no different, i stayed home from school, my throat hurt so much, and i just feel like a rotten tomato that has been forgotten in the bottom om the refrigerator. ( i found something like that a week ago in our refrigerator, cute, i know)
but i still have to be a man and do my homework... so my friend and I are going to start a book circle on Goodreads, i will put up a link here when I'ts up, if you want to join :)
Apple hush puppies
obsessed with cinnamon and apple, and peanut butter during this time of fall, but i haven't been getting a chance to eat either of it yet ;(
if you wan't to know how to make these, click HERE
xoxo Lihini

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