Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot
when i was younger i read Meg Cabot's book like they were my favorite drug. let's call the drug Ipren. my favorite medicine  seriously, it takes away the pain in a sec. anyway, i loved "a princess diary" and  "airhead" but with time, i got a bit bored, and stopped reading. but i think you all should read " a princess diary" but be aware, there are 10 books in the series ;)
(the books are better than the movie in my opinion)
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Timed just right to anticipate the August feature-film release from Walt Disney Pictures, with new cover art from the movie With wry, observant wit, Mia chronicles her rocky first month of high school. First she finds out she's the crown princess of a European principality, then there's a first kiss from her big crush, an empowering ice-cream-cone shove into the sweater of her nemesis, and a meltdown in the ladies' room of Manhattan's Plaza Hotel.

( in love with that crown)

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