wehoo, PARDYYYYYY, DRINKING, BOOOYS!!!!! no, not really, im going to hang out with my 3 year old cousin(so much for company), and watch X factor :)
so today i had a test. went OK, but i regret not bringing something to eat during the test, because my brain stopped working when i came to the harder questions because of the lack of sugar or something :(
but anyway, after lunch we went to Drottningholm, where our King and Queen live :) their castle is HUUUGE, and so much gold everywhere, it was pretty awesome :) later we had our traditional friday-coffee, always fun(and tasty) and then i went straight home, and now im sitting behind this beautiful screen, the only thing connecting me to the beautiful world, i wish you could all be here, so we could have a tea party! no, not really, that would be awkward.

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