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me and my friend recently wrote a message to Jennifer L. Armentrout and here is the replay!

my friend Hi Jennifer!
I just want to say that your book Obsidian was one of the best books i have ever read.
Finished it yesterday. Before I read it I was feeling kind of bad, you know? Everything had gone so wrong the day before. 
All I wanted to do was to curl up in my bed and escape real life and read a REALLY good book. So I picked
your book and started to read. And I am really grateful that I did. The book caught me at the first chapter. I could 
relate to Katy in someway. The way she worshiped books but even her personality. 
A warm feeling spreed trough my chest as I read it and I felt that your book was exactly the book I needed at the moment. 
A book so good so that I forgot all the stupid problems I had. I kept reading the whole day and the next day.
When I was done reading your book I kept thinking of it, the story and the characters. It was just so good! 
So thank you for writing Obsidian and making my weekend! Looking forward to finish the second and the start on the third.

Hugs and love from Sweden! 

Jennifer L. Armentrout
Hey there. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book and it helped take your mind off things. That's the best compliment and author can ever hear. Thank you again

nLinnea B
Wow, so grateful that you responded, thank you so much! You made my day (again)! c:

Jennifer L. Armentrout

my message 
    • hello Jennifer.
      i would first of all like to thank you writing such amazing books. so many times you have made me laugh out loud, ugly - cry, and sometimes you even make me all cozy and warm inside. when i read a book THAT is what im searching for. a book that makes me FEEL things. and to be honest im a bit picky when it comes to books but you just blow me away every single time. i just finished Onyx the other day and MAN, you really know how to portray characters! i just love the fact that she is a book lover too, that is just too awesome to be true. and Jennifer, you HAVE to do a book tour here in Europe, and then you HAVE to come to Sweden. we really need you up here smile
      xo Lihini heart

    • Aw, thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed the books and they made you feel so many emotions. That's the best thing a writer can hear. Thank you so much!

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