AHMAAGAAD! Finally a weeks break from school!
Had the best day. Spend in school with friend and we were dressed as dolls, awesome? We won second price for best costume and makeup, wiieh!

But gosh saw the shittiest movie ever today. The movie Halloween. ARGH, it was so bad! Don't you ever see that movie, it was horrible. So bad done and no good story at all.

So I was thinking I would watch all the Lord of the rings again. Now when The Hobbit is soon in cinemas and all. But I really should read the books first. It was a while since I read a real fantasy book. I miss that. The nerd-mood you get into.

J.R.R - The Fellowships of the Ring, 1954
Frodo Baggins knew the Ringwraiths were searching for him - and the Ring of Power he bore that would enable Sauron to destroy all that was good in Middle-earth. Now it was up to Frodo and his faithful servant Sam to carry the Ring to where it could be detroyed - in the very center of Sauron's dark kingdom.

A typical fantasy book. And from what I have heard it's one of the best ever made. I borrowed it yesterday from the library. Really hope it will be as good as people says.

                This might be the cutest and funniest clip ever.

Happy reading-halloween!

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