100th blog-post and I'm BACK baby!!

hello fellas, I'ts Lihini here and I'm back from my week trip to England! i want to start with telling you guys how much i've missed my blog, and that i have been having a dreading feeling to blog, but all i had time for was what or leaders and teachers told us to do.. I've had a blast of a time, really enjoying myself with my lovely friends, and strangers. i will upload pictures when i have time :)
right now im laying in my bed with my Sweetie EJ (Erik-Johannes) I've only known him for a couple of days but man i love him. we met in Cambridge but he lives in Sweden :) click HERE for a picture of him :)  my plans for today is to just lay in bed, watch series, and sleep, since i have not been getting ANY sleep for almost a week (okay, maybe some sleep) i might blog if i have something to blog about, how about what books i've seen others read at cambridge? I myself was able to read like 10 pages, but i will have to catch up now on my autumn break. see you chicos!

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