we got issues baby true

that's what i tell myself.
life is a bliss
life is happiness
life is joy
life is sorrow
life is madness
life is tragic

everyday is another day, another day of surprises. some of us wakes up to find out what kind of surprises are waiting ahead of us, and some of them have their whole day, week, life planned out to minimize those surprise moments.
i wake up everyday hoping this day will be better than the previous day.
with too many scars on my arm of life, i still keep up the happy facade. sometimes i just want to put it all down, stop pretending.
but i can not do that and i never will. no matter how many times i get down, i always have to fight my way up again. because i know life is just testing me, to see if im ready for the real happiness.
and that's what i wan't to tell you, my reader.
never give up

xoxo Lihini

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