The UNbecoming of Mara Dyer review

Author: Michelle Hodkin
Mara dyer wakes up in a hospital with no memories at all. but she soon finds out that three of her friends are dead and that she were the only one making it out alive - and with no bruises.
The death of her three friends is unbearable for her so her family decides to move.
After all that has happen she does not thinks that she will be able to feel any feelings for a while again. But she is wrong. She falls in love.

I loved the cover, there was something very catchy about it too, and it made me wonder what story could be hidden between the pages.
The book was quit tedious in the begging, nothing really happen, but after so 100 pages things started to flame up. But at the end, things got confused, I felt that I didn't understand everything that what was going on, and lack of explanation leaved me hanging.
But of course there were times I just literary had to wait a moment t steady my breathing before I could continue reading. The book was humorous, and very, very romantic. I think the romance made the real problems blur in the background, and that actually bothered me a bit.

I give this a book 3 stars out of five, because I really liked the characters in this book, and the book was really funny as well    
xoxo Lihini

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