beloved friend

so as you guys might know i've been having troubles finding GOOD books. all the previous books that i have read was very very booring... so one of my closest friends, Linnea, had a therapy session with me. she is trying to help me get out of this book depression. I't has helped a bit actually, we just sit and chat about good books we have been reading lately, she gives me recommendation (althought the books she recommend seems to really suck, no offense hun, i know you're reading my blog, love u anyway) and we sit and talk about our favorite books that are becoming movies, and why the actors suck and so on. she has been a real cliff. maybe we could have her guest blog sometimes, since we actually do have slightly different taste in books, so that my lovely readers will get her recommendations too!

Haha He doesn't even go here!
For sure
What on earth?!
need to try!
have a nice Saturday!
xoxo Lihini

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