so my number five is... Stephenie Meyer!
I know what you might think now. 
"come on, how can you like someone who write crappy books"
or "her characters suck!" 
And I can actually party agree with you. but why is she then my number five? 
because she made me pick up book after book. she made me want to read every story that was out, and she she made me get an F on a math test, and now THAT, is something a lot of books can't do. because i'm good at maths. 
her Twilight books had me hooked. how was it possible, that a 300 paged book could make me go day and night, without eating, without socializing? i still don't know. but she managed to do that..
she opened the literature world for me, and because of that she is on my list. 
XOXO Lihini

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