first post!


so this will be my very first post. 
so... what do you write on your very first post?
well, let's start by introducing myself, shall we?
my name is Lihini, im 16 years old, and live in Sweden. My goal here in life is to make someone else life a bit easier. i want to help others. 
when i was younger i wanted to become God. people were going to call out my name, pray, and burn food in my honor. i even made up a hand gesture they would use. 
but after a while i got tired of that idea and said that i wanted to become a lawyer. (every mothers dream haha) but back in the days i said 'avocado' because the swedish word 'lawyer' and 'avocado' are very similar to each other. but anyway, it took me like, 6 years to finally realize that that was not what i wanted to do when i grew up, and since then iv'e been clueless. 

so WHY did i start blogging, and why in particular did i start blogging in english when im from sweden? easy. this summer i went on a language course. (time of my life!) i had crazy fun, and enjoyed every minute. it was like taking a pause from reality for a while. which i really needed. (oh, forgot to say that we went to Jersey in GREAT BRITAIN, not America) we went to school there on our language school (boring part) and they told us that we can not quit with english just because we are not in class. we have to continue. So i thought of making a blog! im not that kind of girl that likes to write about my life for anyone to read, so I thought, why not make a book blog? im a biiiig reader, i treat my books like children, haha. 
so i will be posting reviews, my top 10 books and, maybe even do interviews some times! but i wont only be writing about books, i will also write about other random things, because, you know, it will take atleast 3 days for me to finish a book, and, how fun will that be to only read like 3 post per week?

there you have a short presentation about who i am, and what i will be doing, and i hope to hear from you guys soon! 

ps. please know that my english can be a bit rough around the edges since english isn't my first language :)

xoxo Lihini

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